Kafayat & John

September 2, 2018

Atlanta, Ga

Wedding Party


  • Bridesmaids


    Maid of Honor and sister of the bride. One of the most fabulous and smart women I know. I strive to achieve her fashion sense one day. 

  • Bridesmaids


    Matron of Honor.  Awesome wife, mother, friend and sister. I’ve know this woman since high school when she embraced me as a little sister. It’s been an honor to  become an extension of her family. 

  • Bridesmaids


    Bridesmaid and sister of the bride.  Love this lil mama and an amazing one she is. Smart as a whip and gorgeous.  Also more fashionable than me!

  • Bridesmaids


    Bridesmaid. Future niece in law and beautiful.  Amazing to think I’ll have a niece well above the drinking age! 

  • Bridesmaids


    Bridesmaid and friend for years. Another adopted big sister I truly admire and can always count on. 

  • Bridesmaids


    Bridesmaid and another adopted big sister.  I’ve also known her and her family for years.  I’ve learned a lot from observing her strength and taking heed to advice she’s given during the toughest moments.  

  • Bridesmaids


    Bridesmaid.  Known this young lady since elementary school when she was in diapers. She’s blossomed to be a smart, beautiful and successful woman. Look forward to seeing her grow further in every area of life. 


  • Groomsmen


    The Best Man:  My Big Brother! He is my protector. He has been there to share the successes of my ups and the pains of my downs.  He is my Rock and has always been there.  Life would not be life without my Big Brother.

  • Groomsmen


    My younger brother and I have secrets nobody else in this world will ever know.  Our bond is everlasting. This is the most intelligent person I ever met.  He has a personality of a stallion and the sincerity of a dove.

  • Groomsmen


    My good friend that I've looked up to for years. Incredibly intelligent, well spoken, kindhearted and just an overall good person. He's blessed with a great family and life.  He is my dear friend. 

  • Groomsmen


    Cool, calm and collective.  My travel partner that's modest and highly successful.  Honored to be his friend and grateful to have him in the wedding party.

  • Groomsmen


    My homie! One of the coolest well rounded brothers I've ever met.  My life coach, mentor, counselor and of course my homeboy rolling with me 95 miles an hour on two wheels down I85.

  • Groomsmen


    Mister personality! Always the life of the party.  Just listen for a moment and you'll hear him laugh. We've known each other since our days at General Electric.  We'll always be friends to the end.

  • Groomsmen


    The first brother I met when I moved to Atlanta. Back in our day we were in the clubs, happy hours and lounges. He's as cool as one can be and we've stayed in touch for over 20 years.  Glad to call him one of my best friends.

Flower Girls


  • Parents


    Mother of Bride.  The epitome of grace, love, wisdom and strength.  A truly virtuous woman and prayer warrior that honors God in her role as wife, mother, clinician, and business woman. A mama bear that’s protective and will fight to death for her cubs and family.  I'm truly greatful for the example she's laid out for me and how she continues to impart in every area of my life. My Mama T, queen mother Africa you're loved greatly and deeply. 

  • Parents


    Father of the Bride. My daddy! Smart as a whip, wise and all around great father.  He set a good example for me and always reminds and encourages me to be the best.  I'm truly grateful to have him as a father.  Love ya Dad!

  • Parents


    Father of the Groom.  My father was a man like no other. He gave me life, a sense of purpose, instilled responsibility and accountability in me. My Dad was a powerful influence and continues to be so.  He was someone who shielded me from any possible harm and made sure I had the best life and most importantly he believed I could do anything. Dad was always there and as I grew into a man we became the best of friends. Daddyo as I affectionately called him will always live in my heart.

  • Parents


    Mother of the Groom.

    A woman who's LOVE never stops and never ENDS!  She is the one that catches me when I'm falling and

    celebrates when I triumphant. My Mom has a beautiful heart and a generous spirit and I'm so grateful that

     my life has been touched by her.  I Love You Mom!

Until We Say I Do!